What's The Difference Between Black And White Mulch Film?
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What's The Difference Between Black And White Mulch Film?

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What's The Difference Between Black And White Mulch Film?

In rural areas, farming is one of the most basic industries and basically everyone in the countryside has grown a crop or vegetable. There are various ways to increase yields, some of us may apply fertiliser, others may continue to improve farming methods. However, one of the most common methods used in rural areas is also the use of mulch film. Mulch flim, in short, is also a layer of film laid underground, and this layer of plastic film can also act to germinate seeds quickly and also ensure that soil conditions are suitable for plant growth. But what many people don't know is that there are many different types of mulch film, and we use different types of mulch film for different types of vegetables. Let's get to know the common types of mulch film used in rural areas, and their instructions for use.

1、White mulch film

White mulch film is one of the most common types of mulch used in the growing process. White mulch  flim is in fact transparent, so its light transmission rate is very good. A very significant advantage of such a film is that it can also effectively raise the temperature of the groundwater. Some vegetables have high temperature requirements and if the groundwater temperature is too low it can have a significant impact on the development of the vegetables. This is why most vegetable farmers use white mulch film to keep the soil warm, so that even in winter, many vegetables can still be grown. However, it also has the disadvantage that it favours the development of weeds. So we must always weed the soil when using white mulch film, otherwise weeds are likely to affect the regular development of vegetables.

2. Black mulch flim

The specific role of black and white mulch film is relative. The specific role of black mulch film is to shade, we can also use black mulch film to isolate more than 85% of the sunlight time, so the specific role of using black mulch film is to eliminate weeds in the field. We all know that potted plants need sunlight to develop and if there is not enough sunlight, the plants will not be able to respire and will not be able to develop routinely. Black mulch film is ideal for use in summer as it reduces weeds in the field.

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