What's The Best Material Of Bird Net In Fish Pond
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What's The Best Material Of Bird Net In Fish Pond

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What's The Best Material Of Bird Net In Fish Pond

Which kind of material is good, which kind of mesh works well, which kind of longevity is longer?

1. At the beginning, people used polyethylene raw materials, but their lifespan was very short and they were afraid of drying. Some of them could not be dried in a few months. What's more, they just hung it and didn't wait until it was oxidized and all of them were rotten by a strong wind.

2. Ordinary nylon monofilament raw materials are second-generation products, which are superior to polyethylene raw materials in terms of oxidation resistance. However, the wind resistance is not good, and they often hang up in strong wind. I trust many people will encounter this situation.


3. The super strong nylon high-strength thickened bird proof net for fish pond is processed with high-strength and high viscosity data. The mesh is suitable for large and thin birds with the same body shape as egret, wind and snow resistance, and the service life can be more than 5 years.

Many people who use the Internet for the first time care about the price. They often pay the plaster for the money they buy the Internet for the first time. When they use the Internet for the second time, they will calculate the account. The lower the price, the more expensive the Internet will be. Why?

The better the quality of the bird net, the lower the cost. In the past few years, when customers ordered by phone, they often cared about the price, but now most of them care about the quality. Only those who have used the Internet once can know which one is suitable for them.

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