What's Advantages Of Anti Hail Net?
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What's Advantages Of Anti Hail Net?

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The orchard hail net is made of UV stabilized HDPE yarn and knitted into diamond mesh. Built in eyelets make it easier to install wire ropes or cables. This net is light weight, easy to use, and at the same time remains strong and durable. The rhombic hole size helps protect crops from small "big grains" of hail, while ensuring a lot of sunlight. The shading rate of the net is 10%. Very suitable for orchard hail net. It can be made of tape and gasket.

Hail net can slow down the change of air humidity. Windy conditions usually double the amount of fuel required to heat a greenhouse or nursery structure. In all cases, the cost of heating and cooling the structure can be reduced by 10% to 40% by designing a reasonable hail net. By reducing the wind force on the outer surface of the structure, the hail suppression net can greatly reduce the thermal convection performance of the cold wind. In hot, dry and windy areas, hail net can reduce the summer cost of cooling greenhouse.

Diamond structured hail nets not only help protect your structure from wind pressure, but also improve hygiene by reducing wind driven dust and dirt. The anti hail net is a kind of anti ultraviolet polyethylene fabric with 40% to 60% wind resistance, depending on the local wind conditions.

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