What are the suitable places to install aluminum shade net
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What are the suitable places to install aluminum shade net

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What are the suitable places to install aluminum shade net

There are many shade products on the market now, and we are gradually realizing the importance of shade. Shading products can be used in many areas, and there are many types of shading products. We can choose suitable sunshade products according to the needs of use.

The shading effect of aluminum shading net is very good. What are the suitable installation occasions for foil sunshade nets? let's see.


Greenhouses generally have high cost, long service life, and long service life of various materials. This has the same characteristics as the aluminum foil sunshade net, so the service life of the aluminum shade net installed in the greenhouse is longer than that of the ordinary sunshade net.

Flower Planting:

The growing environment of some flowers requires more protection, and has strict requirements on sunlight, temperature, humidity and other conditions. The aluminum foil shade net can adjust the temperature, humidity and light conditions of the greenhouse according to the planting conditions.


The installation of aluminum shading nets on the balcony is not only beautiful, but also has better shading effect than ordinary shading nets.


It is a different kind of enjoyment to enjoy the scenery and eat on the terrace. Installing aluminum foil shade net on the terrace can play the role of shading.

How to install aluminum sunshade net ?

First of all, you need to use the skeleton of the arch shed to cover the sunshade net on the top, leaving a ventilation belt of 60-80 cm on it. If covered with a film, the sunshade net cannot be directly covered on the film, and a gap of more than 20 cm should be left to use the wind to cool down.

When using shading nets in some greenhouses, it should be based on weather changes. It may not be covered all day when it is cloudy, but the nets must be covered in time before the rainstorm. After emergence, the nets should be uncovered in the morning and evening to see the light, and covered at noon when the sun is strong.

The sides of the greenhouse are generally suspended about 1 meter above the ground and not covered. The shed is covered all around, and is mostly used for heat preservation at night in early spring. Cover in the greenhouse, generally 1 to 1.5 meters above the ground.

In addition to aluminum foil shade nets, there are many shade products that can be used. If you are interested, you can also learn about other shade products, so you can know which shade product is more suitable for your use needs.

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