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Three needles black mono+tape shade net

Quality Medicinal Materials Knitted shade net With UV Protection For Vegetable
  • SN-MT3-BL50

Three Needles Black Mono+tape Shade Net


Shade net are made of PREMIUM QUALITY HIGH-DENSITY UV stabilized polyethylene. Lightweight and durability, mesh and breathable, anti-aging.

Proper shading rate: A 50% shading ratio is more conducive to plant growth.

Easy to use: Grommets are located along the entire reinforced edge for easy hanging. The panel will be neat and nice while installed.

Water go through the mesh: No need to remove the shade plant cover when watering.

Multipurpose application.: Protect plants or greenhouses or pets from harsh sunlight and overheating, protect swimming pool from leaf, create a comfortable shaded area anywhere needed, such as patio, porch, balcony, kennel, swimming pool and playground, serve as privacy and windbreak screen.


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Three needles black mono+tape shade net
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