Things You Don't Know About Weed Mat
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Things You Don't Know About Weed Mat

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Things You Don't Know About Weed Mat

Why do you recommend the use of weed mat? What are the advantages of grass-proof cloth compared to traditional films? Below I will give you a detailed introduction.

Weed control cloth is a new type of weeding cloth which is made of new environmentally friendly materials as the main raw materials, plus the multifunctional raw materials of polymer materials to make paper-plastic products, and is finely hand-woven. Compared with the traditional plastic film, it has obvious advantages.

The plantation road is covered with a new type of grass-proof cloth, most of which are gray-black, because the gray-black self-blocking property will be stronger than other colors. However, the key element of photosynthesis required for the growth of plants is to be exposed to the sun. If the weeds cannot be exposed to the sun and cannot carry out photosynthesis, they will surely wither.

Because the weed suppressant matting is hand-woven, there will be gaps. It has strong air permeability and water absorption, and can maintain the moisture of the soil. After it is laid, there is no need to manage it. The weeds are gone, and the production of crops will be increased.

After understanding why weeding cloth is used, you must want to know how to use ground cloth. Here are some methods for your reference.

1.Comb the road

Before the weed cloth is installed, the weeds on the road should be cleaned, especially the weeds with thick stems, so as to avoid damage to the ground cloth. The second is to level the pavement. It is stipulated that the pavement at the tree pole and the pavement on both sides of the ground cloth have a certain slope, and the slope is 5cm, which is conducive to the rapid flow of precipitation into the rain collecting ditch on both sides and is reasonably digested and absorbed by the rhizomes. The precipitation is then left to the surface to volatilize and waste.

2. Line drawing

Draw a line according to the size of the trunk and the total width of the selected ground cloth. The line is parallel to the row direction. Use the measuring rope to pull two parallel lines on both sides of the tree pole. The distance between the tree pole and the tree pole is 10cm lower than the total width of the ground cloth. It is not necessary for a part to be used for pressing and burying, overlapping connection in the middle, and ground cloth gathering.

3.Covering cloth

The covering cloth is buried on both sides first, and then connected in the middle. Rotary tillage along the previously drawn line, with a depth of 5-10cm, and bury one side of the ground cloth into the ditch. Use "U"-shaped nails or thin iron wires to connect in the middle, the working speed is faster and the connection is firm, to avoid gaps and weeds growing after the ground cloth is closed, and the overlap should be 3-5cm.

Because the non woven weed mat is automatically folded and tightened after encountering the sun , so when you start to lay the ground cloth, you only need to simply scrape it, which is different from laying agricultural mulch.

The above is to introduce the knowledge about weeding cloth to you, I hope it will help you.

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