The Use of Building Safety Net Protection
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The Use of Building Safety Net Protection

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The Use of Building Safety Net Protection

Building construction must understand the role of building safety net, safety rope net and ensure manual safety.

When a company in Anping carried out external decoration with a hanging basket rack, the safety net at the bottom was dismantled. When the foreman assigned a worker to lift with an inverted chain on the hanging basket, there was no hanging safety wire rope. Suddenly, the safety rope broke, and the hanging basket immediately tilted, causing a worker to fall off the hanging basket and die. What are the unsafe factors that caused the accident?

safety net

In violation of regulations, safety ropes are not hung during operation and safety belts are not fastened by workers; in operation, lifting devices are not carefully inspected and equipment is running with illness; in violation of operational regulations at high altitudes, horizontal safety nets are dismantled when operation at high altitudes is not completed.

Building construction should achieve safety supervision, must apply safety measures, construction safety net, safety rope net is indispensable, artificial safety must be guaranteed! 

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