The Traditional Way To Drive Away Birds
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The Traditional Way To Drive Away Birds

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The Traditional Way To Drive Away Birds

Birds Are friends of human beings, so they can't hurt birds while protecting fruits. As before, the way of medicine can only prevent birds and insects for a while, and can't effectively avoid the harm of birds. So here's how to use effective methods to avoid birds.

Traditional ways to drive away birds:

1. Scarecrow: This is one of the methods used by farmers before, but now, the role of scarecrow in driving away birds is getting lower and lower, and it is not used very much for fruit trees, most of scarecrows are covered by fruit trees.

2. Artificial bird driving: time-consuming and laborious, heavy workload, people are too tired.

bird net

Now bird driving method:

1. Bird repellent: the action is not long-term and has restriction.

2. Bird driving machine: relatively high price, not practical.

Through the above examples of various bird driving methods, it is found that the use of bird prevention network is the most effective and cheap, and bird prevention network can be used repeatedly, which is the most appropriate way. Welcome to buy bird prevention net and contact us, hefei grand nets is looking forward to your consultation.

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