The Secret to Distinguish The Quality of Shade Net

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The Secret to Distinguish The Quality of Shade Net

Nowadays, shade net is widely used. There must be good and bad in the plastic net we use. In order not to let you spend a high price to buy a poor quality shade net, let the shade net manufacturer introduce some tips for you to distinguish the quality of sunshade net .

1. Look. The high-quality sunshade net looks flat and smooth, the flat wire is parallel to the gap, neat and even, the longitude and latitude are clear and bright, the finish is good, there is a sense of quality and brightness, deep black and bright. There are many colors of  produced by shade net manufacturers, including black, silver gray, black green and tea. Do not judge the quality of sunshade by color. The shade of color can only indicate the shading rate.

2. Touch. The good quality hand mold is flexible, elastic, no stiffness, no roughness, and has a flat space and thick texture.

3. Quantity. The sunshade net produced by the regular manufacturer with good quality shall be packaged in a standard way, and the sunshade rate, specification and size shall be clearly marked.

4. Smell. The good quality shade net has no peculiar smell and odor, but the slight burnt smell of plastic.

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