The More Expensive The Sunshade Net, The BetterThe Quality?
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The More Expensive The Sunshade Net, The BetterThe Quality?

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The More Expensive The Sunshade Net, The BetterThe Quality?

Sunshade net is widely used in our life, and it is often a good product in summer, but we have no basis in the purchase, so the more expensive the price of sunshade net, the better the quality?

The more expensive shading net is of better quality, but it is not suitable for every mushroom farmer to buy. If it is used as shading above the mushroom shed, it is recommended to buy a cheap shading net, or even the cheaper the better. Because of the high density of shading net with good quality, that is, the light transmission is small, as we all know, the general edible fungi need a certain amount of light, and the light transmission is small, the quality of edible fungi is poor. 

For Lentinus edodes, it is rarely used by mushroom farmers, because the effect of shading net is far lower than that of straw curtain and black-and-white film. Therefore, if the shading net is used in the mushroom shed, try to choose a cheap shading net, because the cheap quality is poor, and the shading effect is not good, but it will bring enough scattered light to the edible fungi. Of course, if it is summer hair bacteria use, or choose more expensive better.

The sunshade net should be used for the protective cultivation of vegetables, arrowheads, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, medicinal materials, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and other crops, as well as the aquaculture and poultry industry, which has a significant role in improving the yield. In general, the leafy vegetables planted in winter and spring cover the surface of leafy vegetables with sunshade net directly to prevent the harm of low temperature. Because of its light weight, only 45 grams per square meter can be used to control the leafy vegetables, and it will not overwhelm, bend or reduce the commercial value of the grown leafy vegetables. Because of the air permeability, the surface of the covered leaves is still dry, which reduces the occurrence of diseases. It also has a certain degree of transparency, and it will not cover yellow and rotten after covering.

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