The Function Of Fruit Tree Insect Net
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The Function Of Fruit Tree Insect Net

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The Function Of Fruit Tree Insect Net

The fruit grower must have used the fruit tree insect proof net, which is very helpful for the growth of fruit trees and the protection of fruits. Here to tell you specifically what the role of fruit tree insect net.

1、 Keep away from foreign pests

Generally, the size of 40 mesh insect net is used in fruit tree insect prevention net. The mesh size of 40 mesh insect prevention net can completely block the outdoor pests such as whitefly, aphid, scale insect and red spider. After laying the net, the Psylla can be prevented from entering the shed and the transmission of pest virus can be effectively blocked. Now the fruit tree pest control net has gradually become a new and effective pest protection technology, which can effectively reduce the use of pesticides, and is one of the key technologies in the production system of pollution-free agricultural products.

2、 Adjust the temperature and light intensity in the shed

The growth of fruit trees is closely related to temperature and light intensity. The construction of insect proof net is convenient. It can maintain ventilation in the shed through the aperture of the net, create relatively stable temperature for the shed, and effectively reduce the evaporation of water in the shed, and reduce the transpiration of citrus trees. In summer, the sunlight is strong, direct sunlight is not conducive to the growth of fruit trees, which is easy to cause tree burns. After covering with insect proof net, the indoor temperature change can be alleviated.

3、 Prevent fruit drop

After building a stable insect net shed, the insect net can effectively reduce the wind speed by about 15%. In case of extreme weather, the fruit will not be shot down, which can reduce the loss and increase the yield.

4、 Staggered peak listing, keep fresh

Covering a layer of film on the surface of the insect proof net can stabilize the temperature in the shed, improve the indoor temperature, extend the supply period of fruit trees, realize staggered peak listing, enhance market competitiveness, and bring more benefits.

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