Summer Must-Haves - Shade Sails
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Summer Must-Haves - Shade Sails

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Summer Must-Haves - Shade Sails

When the weather is warm and sunny, you definitely just want to sit outside. If it feels too hot in the sun, it's wise to seek shade.Shade sails in the garden are a quick, easy and inexpensive solution.

Shade sails in the garden are a quick, easy and inexpensive solution. This way you are protected from too bright sunlight and you can still sit outside.

Below we discuss the things worth knowing about awnings: possibilities, price, pros and cons, and more.

What is a shade sail?

We know that shade sails have different names, such as blackout cloth, shade cloths, etc. In principle, an old parasol is also a shade cloth because it is a shade-providing cloth. But in recent years, shade sails have become more popular.

A shade sail is a piece of fabric with a surface that you attach to the ground and posts so that it creates a shade. And they come in different shapes such as rectangles, triangles, squares or trapezoids.

Type Of Cloth

The most common type of cloth is the so-called tarpaulin. The cloth is made of a plastic (polyethylene) that hardly absorbs water. The canvas of the shade cloth is light and strong.


If you want to buy a shade sail, you naturally want to know how the quality is.

Check out the seams and yarn used. If the fabric is double needle or even triple needle, the quality is good. Then observe whether there are fixed eyelets or nylon webbing? Sailing eye provides greater strength and therefore higher load capacity.

The thickness of the cloth is also important. The thicker the cloth, the better the quality. The thickness of the shade cloth is expressed in grams per square meter (gr/m2). With a permeable cloth, you can choose a thickness of 200 g/m². With a tarpaulin, you'll want to choose from 160 g/m².

After reading these, do you know how to choose a cheap and easy-to-use shade sail? Hurry up and prepare some shade cloth to welcome the arrival of summer.

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