Some Ways To Prevent Birds Outside The Bird Net
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Some Ways To Prevent Birds Outside The Bird Net

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Some Ways To Prevent Birds Outside The Bird Net

With the continuous deterioration of the natural environment, birds have to go to the farmland to find food to eat. Farmers often find that birds eat their hard-earned vegetables, which is particularly uncomfortable. Although the birds were full by the time they arrived, they could not be seen in the vegetable fields, but looking at the vegetables in the fields could tell how much the villagers had a headache.

1. I have done some bird prevention methods, including making scarecrow, setting off firecrackers, and even hanging a lot of CDs in the field. I want to use the CDs to reflect the sun to the birds.

bird net

2. The following editor tells you some ways to prevent birds in the orchard. You can refer to the following:

a. There are more categories of birds that can pack vegetables with nylon mesh bags, so it can not only prevent bird damage, but also not affect the color of fruits, but also has a relatively high cost. Only bagging grapes, apples, pears, etc. works. Cherries, blueberries, etc.

b. The cucumber net of our company can be used to prevent birds in farmland.

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