Shade Net in The Greenhouse Can Shading And Withstand Cold

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Shade Net in The Greenhouse Can Shading And Withstand Cold

A few days ago, there was a consumer consultation, after the weather turned cold, can the shading net in the greenhouse withstand the cold? How should we build the best?

First of all, greenhouse shade net is one of the sunshade products widely used in agricultural construction. Its main role is to help crops withstand the summer heat and ultraviolet radiation caused by the direct damage, has reached the purpose of cooling shade. Then, when the weather turns cold and the temperature drops, can the shading net of the greenhouse protect against the cold?

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Professionals say that in addition to shading crops in summer, greenhouse shade net can also play a good effect in autumn and winter moisture insulation. The main reason is that the shade net is directly covered outside the greenhouse, because of the use of polyethylene and other special raw materials, the internal humidity and temperature will not lose and volatilize rapidly.

The outside cold air and rain are also isolated from the sun screen, so as to achieve summer sunshade cooling, winter heat preservation and humidity. According to different seasons, the internal crops are always in the most comfortable growth environment. 

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