Selection of material and mesh size of bird net
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Selection of material and mesh size of bird net

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Selection of material and mesh size of bird net

There Are Two Kinds Of Materials For Grape Bird Net:

1. Polyethylene monofilament, the cost is relatively low, but it has poor tensile and anti-oxidation functions, so it is suitable for short-term use.

2. Generally speaking, the tensile strength and anti-oxidation of nylon monofilament are larger than that of polyethylene, which is more suitable for medium and long-term use, but the tensile strength is also in short supply.


3. High strength nylon monofilament, with a diameter base of about 0.4mm, can pull a single mesh up to 12kg, which is very outstanding in wind resistance. Because of its superior function, it is loved by many fruit farmers, but its cost is a little higher than that of nylon monofilament, but according to the long-term plan, it is still suitable. Because you buy cheap bird proof net, it will last a long time It needs to be replaced. Both the cost of bird net and the cost of covering should be doubled, often because of small mistakes.

The vineyard is mainly to prevent the birds from entering and damaging the fruit, so the selection of mesh should not be large as much as possible. At present, the mesh of 2.5 * 2.5cm is selected by the cultivation households in China, which is less than the mesh of 2 * 2cm in cost and can play a good role in prevention. There are two kinds of materials in the selection of materials: polyethylene monofilament has low cost, but it is not very good in tension and anti-oxidation, which is suitable for short-term use; nylon high-strength monofilament has excellent function in tension and anti-oxidation, which is more suitable for long-term use, and may not be removed in winter when there is little snow.

According to the grape bird net material, width, length, mesh size and other factors, the price is different. Wudi Senmu netting Co., Ltd. can tailor the products according to the different needs of users and make the specifications and models of bird net that you are satisfied with.

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