Problems Faced by Construction Safety Net Manufacturers
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Problems Faced by Construction Safety Net Manufacturers

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Problems Faced by Construction Safety Net Manufacturers

Now buildings are being built everywhere in the city, and the floors are getting taller and taller. It is dangerous for construction workers to build tall buildings. Therefore, in the construction period, we must do the corresponding protective measures. In this case, the building safety net plays a very important role. But now building safety net manufacturers are facing many problems. What are the problems? Let's take a look at them.

Nowadays, the safety protection consciousness of construction enterprises is relatively poor. In order to reduce the cost of construction and ignore the life safety of construction workers, many enterprises use close-mesh products with better quality produced by formal enterprises at the lower levels of construction sites to cope with the safety inspection of relevant departments. 

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However, a large number of prices are used at the middle and upper levels. The grid is cheap and the quality is poor. Nowadays, many enterprises produce undocumented products which use the advantage of low price to sell on the site by salesmen. Many times, they will get qualified certificates. Otherwise, they will use expired production license numbers, or falsely use other people's license copies and related procedures. But if there is a real problem, then think about it. It is very difficult to find the responsible person. Many production enterprises fix their production by selling and fixing the quality at the price without asking the user's use, which is harmful.

In fact, the problems faced by building safety net manufacturers are not only these, but also many other problems. We will not introduce them here. Now the construction safety net market is very chaotic. I hope that with the attention of the country. The relevant regulations of this industry will get better and better.

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