Plastic Windbreak Netting
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Plastic Windbreak Netting

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Plastic Windbreak Netting

1. The wind screen anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging) product surface has been sprayed and treated, which can absorb ultraviolet rays in sunlight, reduce the oxidation rate of the material itself, and make the product have better anti-aging performance and increase the service life.

2. Flame retardancy. Because it is a metal plate, it has good flame retardancy, which can meet the requirements of fire protection and safety production.

3. The anti-impact product of the wind-proof net has high strength and can withstand the impact of hail (strong wind). In the impact strength test, a steel ball with a mass of 1kg is used in the upper middle and upper part of the sample to fall freely at a height of 1.5 meters from the top of the wave crest. The product has no broken or penetrating holes.

The wind screen has the functions of the traditional rigid wind and dust suppression net: dust suppression, wind resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, and corrosion resistance, but its function is more improved than the traditional rigid wind and dust suppression net. The flexible wind and dust suppression net gets rid of The shortcomings of rigid wind and dust suppression nets are poor in corrosion resistance, resulting in longer service life and high cost performance. Due to the use of the principle of reducing the incoming wind speed, reducing the wind pressure in the field, and absorbing part of the wind energy.

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