How to standardize the use of mulch?
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How to standardize the use of mulch?

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How to standardize the use of mulch?

Now we use mulch film more for planting plants. If the mulch film is not used in a standardized way, it will cause a series of problems.

1. The choice of mulch is unqualified.

When purchasing plastic film, most farmers think that the thinner plastic film can be used about 1-2 kg less per mu than the qualified film, which can reduce the cost of plastic film by about 10-20 yuan. However, the use of unqualified plastic film has many disadvantages.

After using unqualified plastic film, it is difficult to recycle. About 2 kg of waste film will remain per mu of land each year, and these residual plastic films are difficult to degrade, which will lead to soil compaction, decreased seedling emergence rate, and reduced crop yield.

2. The technology of mulching film is not standardized

Different crops have different technical requirements for mulching.

If the operation is not carried out in accordance with the technical regulations of film mulching, no ridges or micro-ridges are formed, resulting in less water seepage in the film, and it is easy to cause "monocenter drought" in severe drought years.

3. The black plastic film is not close to the ridge surface.

A high temperature environment cannot be formed under the film, and weeds are overgrown, which lifts the film and loses its due effect.

How to use silver black reflective mulch:

1. Before covering with plastic film, it is recommended to evenly mix the fertilizer (such as organic fertilizer, etc.) used as base fertilizer in the seedbed, and at the same time make the soil have more humidity.

2. The black side is down and the silver side is up, then pull the two ends of the mulch film tightly, so that the mulch film is evenly spread on the soil surface, and the two ends are fixed with soil or other coverings, and then the edges of the mulch film are separated by about the length of the laying. 2 ~ 3 meters covered with a small amount of soil to fix both sides of the black mulch.

3. It is recommended to use transplanting. According to different crops, round holes with corresponding diameters can be selected for transplanting. The planting spacing can be determined according to planting habits and production needs.

In summary, please use a good plastic film, because it is of great help to us.

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