How to prevent insects from being attacked by insect nets?

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How to prevent insects from being attacked by insect nets?

When we are engaged in agricultural production, crops often suffer from insect pests, after all, it is difficult to want these crops do not grow insects, in addition to spraying pesticides, we can now use some insect nets to help us, they can effectively reduce pest damage to our crops, at the same time It can also play a role in shading, insect net is such a presence, so we want to use it to prevent insects need to do what? Let's learn about it.

How to prevent insects from being attacked by insect net?

1, Choose suitable specifications. The specifications of insect protection sunshade net mainly include amplitude, aperture, line diameter, color and so on. In particular, the size of the aperture, insect prevention and shade net is usually calculated by the number of eyes. The mesh size is too small, the mesh size is too large, and the mesh size is too small, but the cost is increased. At present, the recommended number of items for production is 24 to 30 mesh. The diameter of the wire is 14 to 18 millimeters, ranging from 1 to 1.8 meters, mainly white.

2, The whole growth period must be covered. Anti insect net less light, do not need day and night to uncover or before and after uncovering, should cover the whole process, do not give the opportunity for insect invasion, can receive satisfactory insect-proof effect, both sides with bricks or soil compaction, the net needs to be pressed firmly, in order to prevent the wind blowing. The canopy is covered with shading nets to cover the scaffolding.

The above two methods are very simple and convenient, as long as we do as mentioned above, it can be very good to prevent the invasion of insects, which can protect our crops and reduce the loss of growers. If you want to buy high quality products, please pay attention to our factory. We believe it will satisfy you.

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