How to Use The Shade Net in Greenhouse

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Here are two ways to introduce.

1、 First of all, we should choose according to the kinds of crops planted in greenhouse. Some crops have higher requirements for light intensity in the growth process, such as tomatoes, and some crops have lower requirements for light intensity. 

Now there are two kinds of shade net in the greenhouse on the market, namely silver grey shade net and black shade net. The light transmittance of the two kinds of shade net is different. The silver gray shade net is about 45%. It is usually used as the inner shade net system of greenhouse, which can meet the growth of light loving crops. The black shade net has high shading rate and good cooling effect. It is usually used as the externalshade net system of greenhouse, which is more suitable for short-term use in summer when the temperature is high.

2、 Use according to hidden time. The concealment of shade net in greenhouse needs to consider the control of time period. For example, when the temperature is relatively low in the morning and evening, the sunscreen can be used only at noon when the temperature is high. Because there is no sunlight in rainy days, shade net can be avoided. Also, when covering the greenhouse shade net, try not to be too close to the outer surface of the greenhouse, so as to prevent the heat absorbed by the shade net from entering the greenhouse through the outer surface of the film. 

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