How to Use The Greenhouse Anti Insect Net to Prevent Pests
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How to Use The Greenhouse Anti Insect Net to Prevent Pests

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How to Use The Greenhouse Anti Insect Net to Prevent Pests

Insects bring serious disasters to crops. We can see that many kinds of insects destroy crops every year. At the same time, insects are also a headache for farmers. How to prevent insects in greenhouse?

1, Choose suitable specifications. The specifications of insect net include amplitude, aperture, diameter, color and so on. In particular, the density of insect nets is usually calculated by mesh. The mesh size is too small, the mesh size is too large, and the mesh size is too small, but the cost is increased. At present, the recommended number of items for production is 24 to 30 mesh. The diameter of the wire is 14 to 18 millimeters, ranging from 1 to 1.8 meters, mainly white.

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2, Long-term coverage. Agricultural anti insect net less light, do not need to cover the day and night or the front cover after uncovering, should cover the whole process, do not give the opportunity for pests to invade, can receive satisfactory anti-insect effect, both sides with brick or soil compaction, the net need to press the wire tight, in order to prevent being blown open by the wind.

The canopy will be covered with shading nets in the shed. This way improves the utilization ratio of the scaffolding and facilitates the management of the shed. The shading net of the greenhouse will be covered on the greenhouse shelf. This method can not be limited by the shelf, with less investment, and is easier to be popularized and applied. It can receive the same effect of pest control, disaster resistance and vegetable protection. However, the height of greenhouse should be higher than the height of newly cultivated vegetables, so as to avoid vegetable close to the shading net of greenhouse for pests to feed, hatch and hatch.

Greenhouse insect net not only can prevent insects, but also can play a shading effect, and its construction is very simple, generally only two people can grow vegetables suitable for use.

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