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How to Use Grape Anti Bird Net Correctly
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How to Use Grape Anti Bird Net Correctly

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How to Use Grape Anti Bird Net Correctly

Pillars should be set up according to the height of fruit trees, which must exceed 1.5 meters of the height of fruit trees. The steel pipe is erected every 10 meters horizontally and every 20 meters longitudinally. The bottom of the pipe should be irrigated with cement, and the depth of irrigating cement is about 70 centimeters.

The anchor is fixed on the ground, so that the column is firm and stable. The grape anti-bird net should be set up by connecting the horizontal and vertical wires into one grid. After fixing both ends of the wire, the wire should be tightened with a tightener, and then fixed. The next step is to set up the net.


Follow the steps to cross the line. Place the mesh on the shelf and fix the two sides of the mesh line. Firstly, the net outline of Skynet is crossed. After the grape bird net is unfolded, the width side is found and the grid is pierced with the net outline. A piece of rope is left at each end and tied to the edge of the mesh at both ends. In this way, the width edge can be pulled apart quickly and accurately in the process of installation. The blue or black end of the grape bird net reinforces the edge and prevents the net from tearing.

In the installation process, special attention should be paid to first untie the tied rope buckle and tie the mesh line at one end of the rope. After passing through the rope at one time, the mesh line should be slowly opened along the reinforcement edge. After fixing the length and width of the mesh line, the mesh line should be tightened and fixed. Because the tree is taller, we should use a longer tool to pull the net. We should pay attention not to pull the net too fast. The same is done according to the principle of middle first and then two sides.

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