How to Distinguish The Life of Bird Net?
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How to Distinguish The Life of Bird Net?

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How to Distinguish The Life of Bird Net?

In the annual sales season of anti bird net, a large number of bird  nets enter the market unevenly, and the high strength and good quality of polyethylene nylon ordinary nylon are all poor. The seller focuses on highlighting life as the selling point, 3-5 years, 5 years, 10 years and so on. How long is the life of bird net? 

1. Polyethylene

This is a popular product in the early years. It was widely used in the early years, but it was finally eliminated. Why? The scientific name of polyethylene is PE. The real good polyethylene products have a relatively good life. When it comes to the final price war, the recycled materials will inevitably be added, and the price will be cheaper. The user will also recognize who is cheap and buy who is cheap. The seller also says that it will be OK in two years, and it will be better in one year after buying the good one, but less than one year after buying the good one It's broken in six months.

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2. Ordinary nylon (nylon monofilament)

PA6 is the scientific name of nylon. Ordinary nylon is a product with low viscosity and low strength. The pulling multiple is generally about 4.1, and the pulling force of single line is about 1.5kg. Now, a brand of particle is widely used in the market for wire drawing. The output is very high. Now, the most sold in the market is mainly light yellow and white. White is the most. The seller's outstanding selling point is 3-5 years. In general, if the temperature is maintained At about 30 ℃, this product is OK, but it is most afraid of strong temperature and low temperature (below 0 ℃), if the net is put away after several months every year, it may be used for 3 years, which has not been added with recycled materials. If the life of ordinary nylon with recycled materials is less than 2 years. All of the above is temperature. One of the disadvantages of this product is that it is not wind resistant, so if the user buys this kind of product, he must do a good job in wind prevention.

3. Super nylon

Although they are all called nylon, the raw materials are quite different. PA6 particles are made of high viscosity and high strength products, adding anti-oxidation 5% UV particles, the draw ratio is 4.8, and the single line tension is 7kg. After the high temperature and low temperature test, the product's performance has not changed much, which is rarely seen in this market, because Cheng The reason for this high price is that the price is a little higher than that of ordinary nylon, but it is also low-cost if the life is cost-effective. This kind of life is guaranteed within three years.

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