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How to Cover the Shade Net Correctly
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How to Cover the Shade Net Correctly

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How to Cover the Shade Net Correctly

We all know that the shade net can play a very good role in shading, and the use of the shading net is very simple, so when people buy the shading net back, they will use it according to their own ideas. Although there is nothing wrong with this use, if you want to achieve good results, there may be no way out. Sure use of shade nets can make it more effective. Here's how to cover the shade correctly.

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When covering the shading net, the shade net manufacturers need to strengthen the management of the shading net according to the weather change, and the different operation of the vegetable in the growing period is also different. Vegetables should be netted all day before emergence, sooner or later after emergence, both ends of the net should be uncovered to see the light, and cover at noon when the sun is strong. It can be covered all day in cloudy weather, but it must be covered in time before the rainstorm comes. The width of shading net can be cut and spliced arbitrarily. Sunshade mesh manufacturer cutting method is high heat cut by electric heating wire, because the sunshade mesh after high heat cut can melt into a channel, not loose. The method of splicing is to sew nylon thread on a sewing machine or by hand. Do not tie it with iron or aluminium wire to avoid mechanical fracture and affect the service life of the shading net.

When covering the sunshade net, we need to adjust it according to the specific situation. When we operate, we need to think about how to operate it first, and then operate it according to our own ideas. If we encounter problems in covering, we need to solve them first, and then carry out a series of subsequent operations, of course, if it is big. We can also be consulted if we have doubts about the knowledge of covering the sunshade net.

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