How To Store The Shade Net After Use
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How To Store The Shade Net After Use

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How To Store The Shade Net After Use

The sunshade net has the functions of heat preservation, moisturizing, dustproof and sunshade. It is widely used in green greenhouses. After use, we still need to keep it properly. So what is its storage method.

To put it away and store it, first choose a suitable weather, dry the net and roll it up, and then uncover the net and roll it up after the morning dew is dry. Secondly, during the drying process, it is necessary to prevent it from being contaminated, and if it is contaminated, it can be cleaned with a sprayer, dried and put away. Store it in a ventilated, dark place, and store it on a shelf in daily needs, and pay attention to preventing insects and rat bites. After a period of time, it must be inspected to ensure that its quality is qualified, and it must be turned over frequently to avoid damp and mildew.

The storage environment of the shade net must have good ventilation effect, and at the same time, avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it will be easy to age and reduce the life span. At the same time, different protection methods need to be done in different seasons.

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