How To Install The Bird Net Correctly
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How To Install The Bird Net Correctly

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How To Install The Bird Net Correctly

Nowadays, bird net is a kind of product which is widely used, and its performance is very good in all aspects, such as anti-aging, high tensile strength, heat resistance and water resistance. Because this kind of products are used in different places, so the types are different. When we heard about the breeding of bird net, we thought that it was used for breeding. Let's introduce how to install the bird net correctly.

When installing the breeding bird net, we need to pull on the steel wire, so that we can collect the breeding bird net in the later stage, bury the column → pull on the steel wire → lay the net, and how many fields to bury the column depends. Generally, one is 3 meters long, and the iron pipe and wood can be used. The top of the column is tied with a plastic bottle or cloth head to prevent the damage of the breeding bird net. Pay attention to the tension of the steel wire before and after pulling the bird net, and fix it obliquely on the edge. The steel wire of 200-300 can be used. 

When the net is not used in winter, it should be collected, so as to prolong the service life of the net. The way to collect the net is to turn the net laying method upside down. Remember to collect the net into a long strip, which is more convenient and labor-saving in the next year's net laying. Before opening the cage, there is one. First pull up one cage, pull all the cages to the steel line, pull them from the middle to both ends, so it will be more labor-saving, and then lay the cage from the middle to both sides.

To sum up, we should have some understanding of the installation method of breeding bird net. I hope it can help you. In fact, at the beginning, the products produced by the bird net manufacturers are not so popular, because many people don't know how to use them, but more and more people are using them slowly, so we found that these products are actually quite good and easy to use, so they are gradually popular.

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