How To Install Scaffolding Safety Net?

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How To Install Scaffolding Safety Net?

Dense mesh scaffolding safety net is used in construction engineering, and its main function is to protect the construction site safety. It can effectively prevent the free fall of various objects on the construction site, so as to produce a buffer effect. So it is also called "dense mesh construction safety net". That is to say, we generally see the colored vertical net surrounding the whole building during the construction period, most of which are green, some of which are blue or a few of which are of other colors.

Dense mesh scaffolding safety net

1. Each root rope of the safety net shall be tied to the support, and the surrounding side rope (edge) shall be close to the support. The binding shall comply with the principle of convenient knot, reliable connection and easy release, and will not be loose after being stressed in work. The reinforcement rope shall be connected to the support when installing the safety net with reinforcement rope. Ah

2. The flat net surface should not be too tight. When the height between the net surface and the working surface is greater than 5m, the extended length should be greater than 4m. When the height difference between the net surface and the working surface is less than 5m, the extended length should be greater than 3m. The minimum distance between the flat net and the surface of the object below should not be less than 3m, and the distance between the two layers of net should not exceed 10m.

3. The vertical net surface shall be vertical to the horizontal, and the maximum gap between the vertical net surface and the edge of the working surface shall not exceed 10 cm.

4. The installed safety net can only be used after being inspected by a specially assigned person.

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