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How To Choose Greenhouse Shade Net?
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How To Choose Greenhouse Shade Net?

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How To Choose Greenhouse Shade Net?

As the "sunscreen" of plants, shade net can block the light, rain, moisturize and cool the plants, and at the same time, it can also have appropriate sunlight to maintain the growth of plants. At present, there are three colors of sunshade net: black, green and blue. According to the density, there are two, three, four and six sunshades. The corresponding shade net rate is 30% - 45%, 55% - 60%, 70% - 75%, 85% - 90%. So how to choose greenhouse shade net?

In terms of color, black is better than other colors. Because the light on the balcony itself is not enough. If you use it on the balcony, you can use two or three stitches. If you can keep it exposed, you can choose three stitches if the light time can reach 8 hours every day, and use four stitches if the light time is longer. It is not recommended to use a 6-needle sunshade net, with a sunshade rate of 85% - 90%. It is too high, and the astigmatism is not enough. It will probably grow in vain to raise succulent plants.

The shade net best is detachable, and can be removed when the rain and light are insufficient. When the sun is too strong, the sunshade net can be folded in half to have a better sunshade effect. So try not to choose too dense sunshade, choose according to your own situation, do not pursue the state of summer's fleshy, healthy survival is important.

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