How To Avoid Aging Of Mulch Film?
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How To Avoid Aging Of Mulch Film?

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How to avoid aging of the mulch film? How to avoid aging of the mulch? On the one hand, the anti-aging agent is added to the original material of the mulch. If there is no anti-aging agent, methods should be adopted to cover the soil layer to avoid aging of the mulch.

As a way, the inherent characteristics of polymer materials in anti-seepage engineering cannot be completely eliminated, but useful methods can be adopted to extend its service life. Untidy terrain is a common problem in civil engineering and water conservancy engineering, which seriously affects the service life of the project. The service life of civil engineering is extended, the construction period is shortened, and the engineering cost is reduced.

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After laying the composite mulch film, minimize the movement of the composite mulch film to avoid accidental damage to the film. There are three connection methods for the impermeable film, namely bonding, welding and vulcanization. Check all seams to avoid seam leakage. The junction of the composite mulch and the surrounding chasm. Working hours can be connected to the anchor groove and bank slope on the foundation.

If the foundation is a shallow gravel impregnated layer, the gravel should be excavated until the bedrock is injected into the concrete foundation, and the mulch will be fixed in the concrete. If the foundation is a layer of impermeable clay, it may be dug to a depth of 2 Anchor grooves of 400 meters and 400 meters, dense backfill, if the foundation is a deep gravel permeable layer. The mulch film can be used for seepage prevention, flat cushion area, a thick transition layer with a thickness of about 30cm, and a composite mulch film with a particle size of 20mm. The membrane also needs to be placed on the filter layer.

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