Four Main Points In Using Insect Proof Net
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Four Main Points In Using Insect Proof Net

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Four Main Points In Using Insect Proof Net

Pest control is a very important and difficult management in greenhouse management, so now some farmers will cover the insect prevention net to prevent insects, which can basically eliminate the Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, aphids and other pests. But few farmers know the precautions in use.

1、 Precautions

Choose the right shade net: first of all, the mesh number, color and width of the screen should be considered. If the mesh number of plastic mesh is too little and the mesh netis too large, it will not have the effect of pest control; and if the mesh is too much and the mesh is too small, it can prevent insects, but the ventilation is poor, resulting in high temperature and too much shading, which is not conducive to the growth of crops; generally, 20-24 mesh anti insect net should be selected. In spring and autumn, compared with summer, the temperature is lower and the light is weaker, so it is better to choose white insect proof net; in summer, in order to give consideration to shading and cooling, it is better to choose black or silver grey insect proof net; in areas where aphids and virus diseases are serious, it is better to choose silver grey insect proof net in order to drive away aphids and prevent virus diseases.

2、 Coverage pretreatment

Soil disinfection and chemical weeding should be carried out before the coverage of insect proof net. It is necessary to kill the residual bacteria and pests in the soil and the source of insects before the coverage of insect proof net. This is the key to ensure the coverage effect of insect proof net.

3、 Coverage quality

The insect net should be completely closed and covered, and the soil should be pressed tightly nearby, and fixed firmly with film pressing line; the entrance and exit doors must be equipped with insect proof net, and pay attention to close it immediately when entering and leaving. The height of the scaffolds should be higher than that of the crops, so as to prevent the vegetable leaves from clinging to the insect proof net, so as to prevent the pests from feeding or laying eggs on the vegetable leaves outside the net; the insect proof net used to close the vent should not leave a gap with the film and other coverings, so as not to leave access for the pests; the holes and gaps in the plastic insect proof net should be checked and repaired at any time.

4、 Seedling

When planting, the seedlings should be put into the greenhouse with medicine, and the healthy plants without diseases and pests should be selected.

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