Five Storage Methods Of Mulch Film
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Five Storage Methods Of Mulch Film

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After completing the functions of normal heat preservation, moisture retention and grass inhibition, agricultural plastic film is biodegradable into carbon dioxide, water and biomass, so as to solve the increasingly serious harm of "white pollution". Agricultural mulching film has the characteristics of large coverage area, neat winding, complete varieties and specifications, high tensile strength, uniform thickness, flatness, no reinforcement, good thermal insulation and moisturizing performance. Here are five storage methods of agricultural film:

1. Dry bag storage method

Wash and fold the mulch film covered with crops, put it into plastic bags, tie the bag mouth tightly, and put it in a wet and cool place. Don't get close to the heat source to prevent deterioration by sunlight. This method can generally be preserved for 2 years.

2. Water storage method

Wash the soil of the covered plastic film, then roll it into bundles or stack it neatly, put it into tanks and pools, press heavy objects on the plastic film, pour water into the plastic film to soak it, and then cover it for shading. During storage, the tank and cylinder shall not be dehydrated. The service life of this method can reach 5-6 years.

3. Straw core rolling method

Roll the washed and dried film into a barrel shape, and add straw as the core in the middle for ventilation. When rolling the film, add talc powder to avoid adhesion, and then place the rolled film in the warehouse cabinet, move less at ordinary times, and pay attention to prevent high temperature, high humidity and rat damage.

4. The cellar storage method is to fold the washed plastic film with water drops, put it into a plastic bag, tie the bag mouth with a string and put it into the cellar. This method is better than dry bag storage method.

5. Soil preservation method

Wash the covered plastic film, fold or roll it into bundles, pack it in plastic bags, dig an 80 cm deep pit, put the mulch film in it, and cover it with 30 cm thick soil. The preservation effect is the same as that of water storage method.

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