Correct Use Of Greenhouse Film
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Correct Use Of Greenhouse Film

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Correct Use Of Greenhouse Film

The multi-functional shed film used in the greenhouse is mainly the longevity and drip-free shed film, which is a greenhouse covering material developed on the basis of ordinary shed film production technology.

It is made of PE EVA resin with high physical and mechanical properties, which has long service life, good heat preservation, high optical performance and good dripping property. Therefore, it has a high performance-price ratio and can better meet the requirements of crop cultivation.

In order to exert various functions of the multi-functional shed film, especially to prolong its use time, in addition to choosing a good-quality shed film, it is also extremely important to use the shed film properly. The following points deserve attention.

First, the preparation of the greenhouse

1. Such as greenhouses, which use slats and bamboo and wood parts, it is best to use a non-oil-based disinfectant for disinfection before the shed is closed.

2. If it is found that the frame and supporting device, the film shaker device is damaged, it should be replaced and repaired in time.

3. Metal and wood parts that come into contact with the film. The outer surface should be smooth, or all protruding and connecting parts should be wrapped with polyethylene film strips.

4. Before the greenhouse film is buckled, the gutter should be cleaned and the drainage pipe should be installed.

Second, the purchase of shed film

1. The shed film is divided into single-layer blown film and multi-layer (three-layer) co-extrusion blown film according to the molding processing method. Under the same conditions, the physical and mechanical properties of the multi-layer co-extruded shed film are better than that of the single-layer shed film.

2. The light transmittance of the shed film is generally required to be above 85%. But it is not that the higher the transmittance, the better.

3. The thickness of the shed film is reduced, although it is beneficial to reduce the cost of the greenhouse , but the thickness of the shed film is directly related to the performance and service life of the shed film, and only the shed film with a certain thickness can be used normally.

4. At present, it is generally believed in the world that the effective service life of the greenhouse film is up to three years. Greenhouses that have been used continuously for more than three years are not conducive to soil disinfection and improvement, and the light transmittance will lose too much. At this time, even if the shed film is not damaged, the shed film should be replaced.

5. When purchasing shed film, if the width of the greenhouse is within 7.5m, the actual width of the shed film should be increased by 1 meter. If the width of the greenhouse is greater than 8m, the width of the shed film should be increased by 10m;

The length of the film is generally 5m longer than the length of the greenhouse. For the shed film of the tube shed, the width of the shed film purchased should be increased by 1m; for the shed film of the curtain, the width of the purchased shed film should be 0.5 more than the height of the curtain. ~0.7m, the length is the greenhouse length.

Third, the covering of the shed film

1. The installation of greenhouse plastic should be timely during the planting time.

2. It is best to cover the awning film in the morning or evening, when the temperature is low and there is no strong wind. Laying shed film should be evenly tightened in all aspects to prevent water droplets.

If the film is laid when the temperature is high, the shed film is not easy to be pulled too tightly, because when the temperature is high, the shed film is easy to stretch. Once the temperature drops or at night, when the shed film shrinks, it is easy to break at the nodes.

3. When laying the shed film, try to avoid the shed film from mopping the floor and avoid the scaffold from scratching the shed film.

4. The installation of the roof and the curtain should be carried out at the same time.

5. When there are holes or small cracks in the shed film, it should be repaired with transparent tape in time.

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