Choose Bird Net According To The Color Of The Bird
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Choose Bird Net According To The Color Of The Bird

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Now most of us are farmers who grow fruit in greenhouses. These fruits are farmers' hard harvest for a whole season, but now the greenhouse of fruit trees is very easy to be attacked by birds, resulting in the destruction of fruits. It also affects the interests of fruit farmers, which is a very sad thing. Today, SUGRAND explains the skill of choosing bird net.

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Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, farmers began to use the basis of bird prevention. Today we have to introduce anti bird net. The bird of knowledge proves that because most birds are in darkness and confusion, they should use polyethylene net instead of black or green PE net. The main raw material of PE or nylon in the screen is very small, which is used to block birds from entering the net, steal fruits, bird repellent and other color selection techniques. This is the principle of bird net. It can prevent birds. The net is translucent, and the standard is red, because the birds are on alert in yellow and blue.

For fruit farmers, bird net can prevent birds from harming birds, and it is really useful for environmental protection. To learn about bird proof. When we buy bird net, we should pay attention to choosing professional bird net manufacturers. Of course, we are your best choice.

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