Black Shading Net Is A New Kind Of Cover Material
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Black Shading Net Is A New Kind Of Cover Material

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Black Shading Net Is A New Kind Of Cover Material

Black shade net, also known as sunshade net, is a new type of special cover material for agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry, windbreak and soil covering, which has been implemented in recent 10 years. After covering up in summer, it has the effect of blocking light, rain, moisture and cooling. After covering in winter and spring, there is a certain effect of heat preservation and humidification.

After covered by black sunshade net, due to the effect of cooling and wind prevention, the air exchange speed of the covered area decreased, and the relative humidity of the air trudged significantly. At noon, the increase value of humidity was large, generally 13-17% trudged, the humidity was high, the soil evaporation decreased, and the soil humidity increased.

The black sunshade net is made of HDPE, HDPE, PE, Pb, PVC, recycled material, brand new material and poly (ethylene propylene) as raw materials. After UV stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, it has the characteristics of strong tensile resistance, aging resistance, high efficiency, radiation resistance and convenience. It is mainly used for the maintenance cultivation of vegetables, arrowhead, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, medicinal materials, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum and other crops, as well as aquaculture and poultry industry, etc., and has significant effect on trek yield.

The net surface is flat and smooth, the flat wire is parallel to the gap, regular and even, and the longitude and latitude are clear and bright. It has a good finish, a sense of quality and brightness, a deep dark light, rather than a bright feeling of float. Moderate flexibility, elasticity, no stiffness, no roughness, flat space and thick texture. Regular fixed length packaging, sunshade rate, specification, specification clearly marked.

Black greenhouse shading net is mainly used in summer, the primary effect of covering up the black sunshade net is to prevent the radiation of cool sun, the impact of rain, the damage of high temperature, the transmission of diseases and insect pests, especially to prevent the insects from moving.

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