Benefits Of Using Anti Bird Net In Aquatic Industry
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Benefits Of Using Anti Bird Net In Aquatic Industry

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Benefits Of Using Anti Bird Net In Aquatic Industry

In the open-air feeding environment, especially in the fish industry. Especially with regard to aquaculture, birds flying in the sky are the biggest obstacles to our aquaculture profession. So in order to avoid the trouble of these birds in the formation of aquaculture profession, we should choose to use Bird net can help the aquaculture profession to resist the attacks of birds very usefully. bird net.  

It's a very disturbing day for fish farmers to recover millions of losses from bird-proof nets. Several thousand mu of fish ponds were sniped by herons. These guys live above the water surface. They can't catch the fish in the ponds. The staff standing on the shore can't do anything about it. Seeing these fish on sale, Heron stealing fish work, no doubt to breeders brought huge economic losses. In many cases, they use bird-proof net to prevent birds from stealing fruit, and put forward an illusion that bird-proof nets are used to prevent birds. Isn't it a principle to use bird-proof nets in fishing ponds? This illusion was soon applied to experiments, and set up a piece of bird-proof nets, and saw the fish floating around the sparkling water, and the farmers'faces were already full of it. The smiles also disappeared. Every fish pond here is tightly attached to the edge of the pond with a large green net, extending more than 4 meters to the interior. In the pond, the nets are set up with wooden stakes and other supports. The greedy Heron can only look at the bird net in the future.

After the above great help to the fish breeders, we should have a deep understanding of the bird-proof net. In fact, there are many information about the plastic net in our life. If you are interested, you are welcome to contact our company. Our bird-proof net has a favorable price and excellent quality.

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