Anti Bird Net Protect Your Crops
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Anti Bird Net Protect Your Crops

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Anti Bird Net Protect Your Crops

Bird control nets are used in bird repellent industries and gardens to prevent birds or small animals from entering gardens and planting crops. Their main functions are to prevent pests and birds from inhabiting crops, to prevent pests and birds from destroying crops, and to effectively protect crops.

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Bird net is one of the most effective ways to drive birds. The correctly installed bird net provides a protective barrier for crops. Birds can not break through the barrier and enter. Bird net also has other special uses in specific areas.

Covering bird nets on crops is completely effective, especially requiring that crops are free of pests and chemical residues. Bird nets are the best choice. Bird-proof nets are usually inexpensive and effective. Bird-proof net material, today's bird-proof net, usually made of polyethylene, adding anti-ultraviolet material. This anti-ultraviolet additive is used to prevent the aging of bird nets caused by long exposure outdoors. Bird-proof nets are usually rolled in rolls of 100-200 meters in length. Width is usually less than 8 meters, special requirements can be spliced.

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