Analysis Of The Construction Steps Of Bird Net
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Analysis Of The Construction Steps Of Bird Net

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The construction method and steps of bird net have a great influence on the final firmness of the construction. If the construction method is not correct, the final bird net effect will not be good. How to build bird net

1. The erection of bird net should be based on the height of fruit trees, and the column must be more than one meter and five above the height of fruit trees. The steel pipe shall be erected every 10 meters horizontally and every 20 meters longitudinally, and the bottom shall be irrigated with cement, the depth of which is about 70 cm.

bird net2

2. The pull anchor is fixed on the ground, so as to ensure that the column is firm and stable. When the anti bird net is erected, the horizontal and vertical lines shall be connected into a grid by wire. After the two ends of the wire are fixed, the wire shall be tightened by wire tightener, and then fixed. The next step is to frame the net.

3. Go through the mesh according to the pace. Put the net on the shelf and fix the two sides of the net line. First, go through the mesh line of Skynet, open the bird net, find the width side, and use the mesh line to wear the mesh. Leave a piece of rope at both ends and tie it to the edge of the grid at both ends. In this way, in the process of the device, the width edge can be quickly and accurately swung away. The blue or black end of the bird net is a reinforcing edge, which plays a reinforcing role to avoid tearing the net.

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