Advantages of Ground Cover Membrane in Planting
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Advantages of Ground Cover Membrane in Planting

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Advantages of Ground Cover Membrane in Planting

Horticultural ground cloth, also known as grass proof cloth and ground weaving film, is woven from narrow strips of polypropylene or polyethylene materials, with black and white colors. It began to appear in the 1980s and was widely used in horticulture. Originally, it was mainly used to prevent grass on the ground in greenhouse

The field distribution data can be used for more than 5 years, with low annual application cost; good water permeability, water can enter the soil, adhere to the soil moisture, good moisture retention function; can control weeds for a long time; it has the advantages of labor-saving, cost-effective and high-efficiency production, which has important value for modern orchard cultivation.

Water permeability is an important technical index of horticultural mulch. It refers to the amount of water per unit area per unit time, which reflects the ability of the ground cloth to penetrate water on the surface. Generally, the permeable rate of the ground cloth applied in orchard should be no less than 5.0 L / (s · M2).

Similar to non-woven fabrics, mulching blocks the vertical transpiration of soil water, makes the water move horizontally, increases the resistance of water transpiration, and effectively suppresses the ineffective transpiration of soil water. Moreover, the restraining effect advances with the increase of the covering height of non-woven fabrics. Under the condition of no precipitation, the soil moisture content of 5 cm, 20 cm and 40 cm soil layers can be improved by 13% to 15% under the condition of no precipitation

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